Marketing And Web Design

With the online food ordering system, we offer premium modern websites for restaurants and designed by a professional copyrighter. It will make your internet storefront stand out. Do not pay the fee of $29.95 waived if you bought through my Certified Partner.

Mobile Landing Pages

Learn to build a mini mobile website and link it to a QR code. This service gives you more ways to market your services to customers who come into your store. We have a collection of over 100 pre-made mobile templates. They are lightweight and fast loading. 
Use the integrations we provide and set up mobile pages for email marketing, inbound leads, appointment setting, pop-up code, website links, and much more.   
mobile marketing pages online food order
mobile app marketing online ordering fast foods

Mobile App Marketing

Order foods fast is offering advertising on the mobile apps within the system.  Our apps can have pages added inside the app. We will put with our mobile pages for email newsletters and so much more.

Birthday Email Marketing

Email marketing can be as a bundle. We set up an account with email templates to make beautiful emails. We create coupon landing pages to bring more customers into your restaurant. Our automated system does all the heavy lifting. Click the button to test drive the software.
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Food Ordering Websites

These are stand-alone online food ordering websites that require no apps. Customers order and pay with a credit card, debit card, or cash. Our diversified portfolio can get you set up quickly. 

We have premade designs you can examine. Accept pickup, delivery, dine-in, curbside pickup, tableside ordering. You're not going to get this anywhere else and for that price.   

Mobile Marketing App

We use this in our business to promote services. The money is in the marketing list. Imagine sending out a text blast customers show up moments later in droves. It's completely transparent.

Display a poster with a QR code at the POS with a shortcode to register. After they register, you can send them to a thank you page like your website, social media page, online food ordering.

Incentive Rewards

We are welcoming cellphone users to check out this incentive offer. Since our online food ordering platform uses mobile apps. Why not use a device that you are already using. Remember, the certified partner's program has a complete line of services with the new react apps.   

Order foods fast is a stand-alone service that has mobile apps for everyone. If you want to know more about an incentive offer for mobile phones, you can make more money as an affiliate.  
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Web Push Notifications

Web push notifications service to send out notifications to desktop users. We create campaigns by interest and more. Give your customers want they are looking for while at your website.

Invest Today

If you have the ordering app, you can market to your customers via mobile push notifications. This is a better choice for a better price.