Order Foods Fast Listing Features

Our features list to create your online store and mobile apps for the ordering and delivery system.      
mobile ordering online store

Standard Features

Features to get your online ordering store online. The standard features are available with our starter packages.
Payment Options. We can enable stripe checkout for your ordering website to pay with credit cards and use guest checkout. Pay by cash on all orders and pay by card on deliveries using a mobile debit.  
Manager App. This app allows you to see all orders and manage them while on the go instead of having one tablet or screen. Go mobile and let others help you with orders. Save back and forth order.
Delivery AppDrivers can use the mobile application to accept or reject the order. They get instant push notifications from the business. Drivers can check for the fastest route and leave notes.
Shopper App. The order foods fast ordering app is free to download, so customers can submit their postal code and find listings in their area and order.  
Single Store Website. The ordering store is available in the search directory. You get a single-store website to promote using a widget or social media.  
Email Notifications. Receive emails for new orders and order changes to the email you provide as a business user. The customer gets an email for a new order.  

Delivery Dashboard And Management

We have many features in the delivery dashboard here's a few of them!
Delivery Zones. Create multiple delivery zones with different distances. Set the delivery fees for each and assign the closest driver to the business. Map out each zone with a radius circle or draw out the area.
Driver Invoice. Part of the invoice management system. Create an invoice for the driver. It is easy to print out an invoice for drivers. You can set invoicing for drivers to get paid daily, weekly, or any time.   
Radius limit. You can set a limit on how far your driver is away from the business. If the driver is too far out of the zone you set, they cannot accept the order. Only the closest driver can claim it for speedy service.  
Auto Assign Driver. You can auto-assign a driver to find the closest driver and auto-assign the order. You set a maximum distance for this. You control how close your drivers need to be to speed up deliveries.
Driver Manager. You can set a role for a user to become a driver manager. The driver manager handles orders and drivers assigned to them. You can also make a group of drivers and manage it.
Order Status. The driver has ten options to send order status about a delivery. They can accept the order or decline when they arrive at the business. The driver can now mark picked up from the restaurant by the driver.
Driver Groups. This powerful feature assigns a drivers group to a driver manager then we link it to your business. Take your drivers and enter them into the system.  
Driver Arrival. When the driver arrives at the business, they notify the restaurant and start the delivery by marking the order picked up by the driver, all using the driver's app.
Driver Tips. Customers can choose how much to leave as a tip on the checkout page. Pay with cash, credit card, or card on delivery for adding tips on the order.
Delivery Tracking. Every delivery is tracked and recorded. Completed orders are for reference. You can also find the time it takes in driver's reports.
Heatmap Tracking. See your delivery drivers in real-time on route with the heatmap feature. You can track in real-time where your drivers are and never get lost. 
Order Notifications. Push notifications go out to drivers that are on duty from the driver's app. Get notified on new orders and more. Drivers stay in the loop.

Ordering Editor Dashboard

These are some of the services you can use for your store. You can enable any of them.
Multi-Language. We support all languages. Customers can make orders in the language of their choice. Display your default language and enable any language you want in your ordering editor for your clients.
Reorder Feature. The customer has to have a registered account. Details on past orders are under "my orders" customers can see the option to reorder in the list of any purchases. Handy to reorder the same thing. 
Preorder. Let your customers place orders during closing hours. Customers can select the date and pre-order time. You set the number of days for pre-orders. Open up shop and get orders you didn't get before.
Customer Reviews. Get reviews from customers who make purchases. Ratings show up on your ordering website. Shows up on the customer orders page. 
Featured Product. Display it like a banner style above the main menu. A bestseller or popular item is the place for this. Find your most popular item and order it quickly.
Facebook Login. Customers can log in with this social media channel. Customers get you more page likes and interaction. An order and share it to go viral for you.
Manager and Staff. We can assign several managers and staff. If one of the owners is flipping burgers and cannot look after the incoming orders, the other managers can manage orders or assign them to staff.  
Social Share Store. Requires customization for meta tags to work. We take a snapshot of the store and add tags and a description to share on social media. This way, you can give your store URL a custom look.
Orders View. See how the orders are for pick up or delivery. The initial order can be pending. Assign the order to a driver or place the order in the process for pickup. The pending order feature is by default.
Menu Types. Create multiple menus and separate them into each order type. Make a 10 to 2 dinner menu, make a specific menu for pickup or have a special menu for delivery only. Show off your best dishes.
Notifications. We have two options for incoming orders. An audio notification sound can ring for a while and shut off. The other option is it can ring until you turn it off. Available in the main dashboard.
Upload Video. Upload a video and images into the business information section of your ordering website. Showcase your business with pictures and a video and enhance your menu. You are not limited to one upload.

Search Engine Optimization

Use your keywords in the ordering builder to build your online store. It will help you get discovered on search engines like bing.
Make a meta description that search engines read and recommend. It shows up in the store users can read your business information.

Included Features

Included with our starter packages and system-wide services in the store builder. 
order foods fast updates
Updates and Releases
Stay informed of our software when a new update or service is released. We will let you know by showing that a new version is available and done automatically. We look after the technical stuff for you.
chat messages order foods fast
Chat instantly from the dashboard for order status changes or anything you want. It's a direct communication channel for all orders and anyone involved. Let everyone know in real-time about the order.
automatic address search
Auto Address Search
We have an automated search function that will assist customers to auto-fill their current location or any other address for that matter. Further ordering becomes easy when the home, work, office location is stored.

Custom Fields

Add any custom fields you want in the order screen, like asking to include notes, required fields for apartment no., phone number, and email.  


We have many ways to integrate with other systems to enhance your ordering experience.

Social Media Integration

social media connect with order foods fast
Login with Facebook
Order Foods Fast has it installed for you on the ordering website and mobile apps. Customers with Facebook accounts can log in.
share order image feature on order foods fast
Share on Facebook
When orders get placed, the customer sees a thank you page that gives the customer the option to share on that big social media site.
share message tweet order foodsfast
Share on Twitter
Customers have the option to share the orders they placed in your online food ordering store. Share order from the thank you page.

Printer Integrations

SMS printer options order foods fast
Mobile GPRS Printers
We buy direct GPRS printers from a supplier. You can purchase these items from us and let us take care of the maintenance. Several models to choose from, so find the printer that integrates with the store builder. Accept or reject the order on the printer.  
any printer works
Any Printer Type
Reach out to us if you have a favorite printer, and we will integrate any printer type suitable for online food ordering. Some printers can be costly to replace, so use what you already have. Of course, there is an integration charge for that $399.00.  
order foods fast additional printer
Additional Printers
 Set up another printer with GPRS printer models to send orders to another location in your restaurant. It requires integration to have this available. We recommend using our supplier of GPRS printers. These printers are economically priced and easy to maintain.  

Point Of Sale Integrations

We integrate with all point of sale systems. Use your favorite system with ours.
POS integration

Square POS

Cutting-edge technology makes cordless and contactless payments easy. Ask us about this point of sale integration.
POS integration in ordering

Micros POS

With the micros terminal, you can still accept payments in offline mode if your WiFi disconnects or goes down.
point of sale integration

Clover POS

Excellent mobile point of sale. Table and counter service for restaurants accept payments in person or online.
printer options order foods fast

Management Features

Basic management features for record-keeping for printing invoices and more.

Invoicing Feature 

Create custom invoices for your business. Make specific invoicing for the recipient or fund your business. Also, you can invoice your drivers for record-keeping. 

Print Orders

Print orders at any time from the orders manager. Print out an order for a customer or print out an invoice for a driver. The system stores information like its own CRM.    

Driver Activity

The delivery dashboard stores information about each delivery when new orders come in. Know what drivers are available or ones that are on break or off duty.
project managment order foods fast


Here are the features of the hosting we provide with the service.
World Class Hosting. We use a CDN for the performance of your store. We use cloud hosting with lots of storage and uptime so that your website is always available. Hosting is included. free. We use AWS servers.
Custom Domain Name. Set up your store with your domain name. We do not supply domain names, so if you want a custom domain and get a 100% white label go to a ordering partner and book a call with me.  
Maintenance. We take care of everything for your ordering store. There's no need for a separate hosting account, SSL certificate, or analytics. Your only requirement is to accept or reject orders that come in. 

Custom Features

These are custom features that you get with the ordering platform.
mobile friendly platform online food orders
Mobile Friendly
The store builder is 100% mobile responsive, meaning you can run your store from a cellphone or tablet. A WiFi connection and manage it on mobile or desktop.  
coupons and discounts online food ordering
Coupons And Discounts
Spinout a discount to use on the checkout page and automatically. You have complete control of your special deals. Option available for a discount or coupon.  
product options order food online
Product Options
Basic product options are available with order foods fast. Suitable for adding sizes as pizza shops do. For a more robust plan, see a referral partner
upgrades and updates food order
Upgrade And Update  
We look after all that for you. Your online store is auto-updated as a new upgrade or update becomes available. Our techs generally send out a notice weekly as we are continuing to make the system better.  
subdomain stores order foods fast
  Subdomain Store  
You are assigned a subdomain URL. It's an extension of the ordering site ordering. Get your store listed so your visitors who search from this site will find your business if in the vicinity.  
upload images order foods fast
  Images Upload  
Save hours doing this automatically. We show you a way to upload images without having to do it one by one. Once in the correct format, you can import your photos quickly and easily.  

Menu Features

Basic overview of the menu builder and advanced options.
Menu Upload
We show you how to upload a menu formatted in a CSV file.  
Create Categories Section 
Categories show up in the navigation bar.  
Create Products Section    
Add all your products in the categorywith images. 
Multiple Menus
Create a menu for a specific time as a lunch special. 
Cart Save
The cart will autosave on as many orders as you want.
Pickup or Delivery 
Create a menu for pickup or one for delivery.
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What Makes It Work

Message Features

We use push notifications system-wide to provide communication services.
push notiifcation service order foods fast
Push Notifications
We use one signal as the server. Drivers get notifications and the business manager app. Works on the shopper app to let a customer know about the status of a delivery.  
business message order foods fast
  Business Messages
Message from the dashboard to your crew and vise versa. Never miss an order and know in real-time where yourdrivers are in the delivery process and message them for assistance.  
customer to business message order foods fast
Customer To Business
  Customers can message to connect the buyer to the business. Keep your customers happy when they have this communication tool you provide as part of the service.  
Featured Products  
Showcase your favorite products and bestsellers.  
Phone In Order  
Find the customer's phone number to place the order.  
One Page Checkout  
Add products and see checkout cart auto-update.  
Quick Product Select  
All set-to-go products load quickly in the category.  

Checkout Features

These are available as standard options that you can use in your store. Phone-in orders. Ordering with one-page checkout and more. 

React Website Features

Eat-in curbside pickup and the drive-thru in the react website upgrade. Our standard packages have pickup or delivery.  The react ordering site is only available from our referral partner at certified partner.
Floating Cart
Display as Pop-Up and create as many as you want.
Mobile Phone
Sign up with your mobile phone nuber.
Easy Sync
React upgrade syncs easily with our starter packages.
Auto Fill Address
Type in address and choose from the dropdown address.
Stock Management
Make items available or out of stock for inventory control.
React Dashboard
Upgrade to react website and get the react dashboard.
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React Ordering Features

Extra features are available with the react website. Connect with a referral partner to get the react system. See Partner.
Pre Order Max Days
Set the number of days to allow advance orders.  
Terms and Conditions
Set the terms and conditions link on your login screen.
Driver Tip Settings
Set up as a percentage fee or a custom driver tip. 
Guest Share Order
Allow share orders on social media or turn it off..
Guest Order Max days
Set the maximum days to allow guests to share orders.
Instant Messaging
Easy to read messages in the react dashboard. 
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