Company Overview

We at order foods fast continue to bring full-stack technology for your ordering needs. We use a content delivery system to have the service always available online. We team with savvy developers and coders available 24/7 to look after the technical stuff and system upgrades. Let us look into a new menu change for you we will get on it. 

We are here to help. We connect to a team of over 40 assistants. Our current packages can only allow having single business apps (1 store). If you wish to have a multi-store setup, you need to hire another account. Remember that we are part of the referral program, meaning that we will get a 15% commission if you bring us a new account for the pizza shops you mention.

I like to work with each client you purchase a starter package 
sufficient to get you started. You can use our legacy apps for deliveries and management and get included in our directory. Users can use the ordering app and find a business in their area. We do not allow iframes or widgets on other websites. The stores remain in the directory. You can buy website designs from us, then contact me at Certified Partners for more options.

Ray Abra Owner

New Updates And Releases

These services are as upsells for the starter packages. You have to be a subscribed member to get these extensions. Mobile wallet pay is available now to hook up.

Advanced Logistics

Add as an extension that will synchronize with your ordering website. It will increase functionality to scale your delivery. Send orders one by one or send them to all drivers. Create groups and manage each with the number of maximum orders for each driver and set parameters.
You can assign a driver to a third-party delivery service if your drivers are too busy. When no in-house drivers are available, you can automate the process to get drivers. Use a third-party courier like Skip the Dishes or Lyft.
promo slider offer

Promo Slider

Want to promote offers and specials? Now you can with this extension for the ordering app. Create promotional banners and place them inside the slider as you see fit. Each image can link to a product on the menu.